Now booking private parties in our new studio Downtown Valdosta!!

Meet The Owner

Let’s start with your story.

My husband and I both come from a long line of crafters & wood workers, and that is what we spend a lot of our spare time doing. We have 3 kids Kyler, Ollen, and Della. We decided to pursue this business to care for our family. I am traditionally a lab tech and my husband is a mechanic. Both are great fields, but aren’t always conducive to taking care of a child with special needs. We hope you will support us as we revamp the vision for Hammer and Stain South Georgia because we are so excited to see where this journey takes us! And to see all of your creations! 

What exactly is Hammer & Stain - South Georgia?
Hammer & Stain – South Georgia is a DIY workshop that lets you transform wood into wall worthy pieces of art. In the past year, it has grown to 105 locations across many states and keeps growing. One thing I love is that we are not a franchise. Each location is independently owned but we share the amazing support of our team.

What I love about the workshops is anyone can be creative if they have the right tools to get there and that’s where we come in. All of our instructor-led classes help you from choosing the perfect stain and paint then guiding you along the way. We offer a lot of projects small or large and many price options to suit your style/budget. 

One of the most important things about this business to me is that I have the amazing support from my husband, Robby, who builds all of our wooden projects. Which gives me the time to focus on marketing, teaching workshops and building a strong relationship with my customers.

This business has allowed me to spend all the time I need with my family while running a business I truly love! 

I really hope to meet you soon!

                   -Rayna Halliday (Owner)