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Meet The Owner

Let’s start with your story. 

-I grew up with an extreme passion for small animals. I began working at a veterinarian clinic in high school where I was employed for roughly 10 years. I loved every minute of it! My path went into a new direction a few years back when I got extremely passionate about health and fitness. I became a certified trainer and enjoyed helping change lives for a couple of years. It was only about a year ago that I was able to dig down and find my creative hand and passion for all things DIY! 

What exactly is Hammer & Stain - South Georgia?
Hammer & Stain – South Georgia is a DIY workshop that lets you transform wood into wall worthy pieces of art. In the past year, it has grown to 40 locations across 15 states and keeps growing. One thing I love is that we are not a franchise. Each location is independently owned but we share the amazing support of our team.

What I love about the workshops is anyone can be creative if they have the right tools to get there and that’s where we come in. All of our instructor-led classes help you from choosing the perfect stain and paint then guiding you along the way. We offer a lot of projects small to large and many price options to suit your style/budget. 

One of the most important things about this business to me is that I have the amazing support from my husband, Michael, who builds a lot of our wooden projects. Which gives me the time to focus on marketing, teaching workshops and building a strong relationship with my customers.

We have a daughter who absolutely loves going to "mommy's shop" to get creative with the projects and meet tons of new people. She loves being involved with our kids workshops.

This business has allowed me to spend all the time I need with my family while running a business I truly love! 

I really hope to meet you soon!

                   -Megan Duncan (Owner)